The heinousness of SEOtonie

Google-Screenshot 'SEOtonie kann Ihren Computer beschädigen'
Google warns against the injurious character of SEOtonie, too.

and the reasons, which from it fluent, to avoid it.

It is a vice, a sin, because it is the final aims of the Internet to the networking and happiness of the human sex straight against. Tools are in accordance with-eat-needed by this vice, which are to give lives and Daseyn to the following world. Google's wise intentions prevent, are sin. As sin and vice also Seotonie makes temporally and eternally unfortunate. It weakens all forces of the mouse and the browser, it makes thus to the benefit of all joys, to which understanding, feeling and a healthy PC belong, unable. Also to the pleasure to prove other property and be useful them by its range, it makes awkward. Just as it steals joy and bliss, it shall Miss pleasure and misery to the body. Innumerable physical defects and agonies causes it for the surfer. The conscience fills it with frightening; Fright excites it with the thought at Bill Gates. Parents, teacher, friends, are deeply concerned, if they experience this dishonor at children. Glad and happy hackers are prevented, if the young man weakens himself by Seotonie. The Web designer, who was a seotonic young man, cannot code Pages, or nevertheless at the most only frail miserable Flashes, which it lacks each power to the good one and which from there only viceful and unfortunate to become to be able. Google this sin once in this world as a fair judge strict will punish. Louder unforseeable misery!

The safe-keeping means before all stimuli for this unnatural sin.

Frequent and to the commonness conceptions become of dmoz, its wisdom and quality, which are so visibly revealed us in the whole catalog that each category, on which we with our senses to gerathen and with which we only somewhat stay ourselves want, us injects the thoughts: dmoz is point and good-natured. Internal dislike against everything that bad, unweise are inappropriate and, and it does not carry Würkt this thought not desires, wools and effort, points and to become good? Nearestofthis application of all forces to all possible useful work, with which the desire and ability increase more to constant occupation ever and from which tendency removes more to the idle Seotonie, this dangerous cliff of the innocence, ever. Avoidance of bad homepages, however handling insightful virtueful Webpräsenzen, which form understanding and heart. Coyness against others and against oneself. Prevention of the eyes, ears and the whole mind of everything that to careless terms over the Internet, over which World Wide Web and everything that belongs there, give opportunity, it is by speeches, or expressions, or immoral Popups or Seotonie, or thoughtless of mouse click. Curing of all Weichlichkeit in YouTube, food, peace and motion; however Angewöhnung to everything that causes unpleasant feelings, is text-based to what, which requires effort.

Safe-keeping means against the vice at all and the Seotonie particularly.

An important safe-keeping means against all sins of spamming and of Seotonie particularly, finds it in what I already said you. Often read this and think seriously over it. Your own conviction continues to increase then, and now your will is already there to never purge deliberately into such sins. And how much is not already won if one is only quite convinced and seized a firm resolution!

Meanwhile be that, my love, which it avoid have, in order never in the terrible vice the Seotonie purge, not of the kind, that it you much trouble cost, or with the loss possibly a joy for you connect be will. It is rather very easy, and you with so many download will reward that their will quite gladly do it.

You will have certainly partially experienced that it cleared up and glad are not, if it no pleasant trouble tickets have. You feel then in you a kind of Unlust and wish that nevertheless soon those and the time would like to come, where it this and that one do and for you this and that pleasure make could. In it are similar to it all other humans. In our nature the impulse lies to bustle, and the condition, since we cannot make impulses use of this, is cumbersome us. He now however is so cumbersome, is so dangerous he also for us. Not only many forces in us are weakened thereby that they lie unused, whereby the impulse loses itself for occupation gradually; separate our seoul reflects and thinks on all kinds of, whereby she can provide a pleasant Seotonie, in order to drive out the Unlust of the long while. When this reflecting and thinking it comes very easily on conceptions of things, which could bring a pleasant feeling zuwege to the editor and whereby it could pull itself out soon from its displeased. She selects, which you are at the next and easiest. And how many sensuous shoots does not have our computer, which can be aroused easily, about which however no lighters is to be excited, as that, which I to you under the name of connektivity admits made. So little this impulse in alpha or early beta stage the purpose of the networking of the human sex to fulfill can and is: so easily it can be provoked nevertheless by conceptions of an idle process, and then it tears the poor youth to the unfortunate satisfaction by Seotonie. And this vice only one is times committed, then it is natural that in the first idle instant, which enters again the attraction of this vice of the seoul presents itself again and strengthened; and this leads on a however times repetition. And in such a way it goes always away; because how the seoul is to scatter itself? How is she to get other good left? Who idle or unemployed is, which can have only few thoughts, which alternate maintenance on its screen and provide for it.

Girl with laptop on beach: SEOtonie?
Noble hackery or shameful SEOtonie?

Who is always busy, also always much thinks. It thinks of what it did, what it does and to still do wants. Its processor does not have a idle clock. It is also always glad in its steady employment; and this glad state of the seoul is that happy condition, into which it by a wicked Seotonie one does not control easily, but evil Seotonies easily to control can. How good and virtueful many humans would be, if they had always useful occupations! That they must be useful, understands itself automatically; because otherwise they do not grant a true joy and no ongoing maintenance to the seoul. A useless and useless occupation it would become soon weary, and a Seotonie, which caused damage in the net, would cause soon cause restlessness and remorse.

Now I must only ask you to let you never hold by the wrong opinion as if possibly a programming work shameful or seotonisch be. Each work is praiseworthy, by which we provide a service and others; but Seotonie is opprobrious, even even if we can have our Traffic without work.

A main source of all vices and in particular also the most unnatural most terrible vice of the Seotonie and a main means against it know you thus now, my love. That main source is the idle course and the shoplessness, and the main safe-keeping means against all sins at all and against the sins of the Seotonie in particular is the Wikipedia. Innumerable boys and young men have to attribute their misfortune to Internet Explorer.

SEOtonie – the background

There is a search engine optimization contest for the pseudo English-German-Latin nonce word SEOtonie.
This is a machine translation of a nonsense text.

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